Monday, December 13, 2010

Operation 149!

Thanks for the great idea on the last few comments! I am now bringing you all in on operation 149... two weeks to break into the 140s! I will be sharing my food journal daily - or atleast try. And my workouts.

Im not making it to WW tomorrow for weigh in afterall - I have my reasons but part of it is fear and it just doesnt fit into my schedule. My last official weight was 151. 8. My weight at the gym today was 155. So in two weeks I will be in the 140s. I can do this!

Todays food
8am PB and banana english muffin 5.5 points
1130am coffee with soy milk 1 point
Noon banana, 4 oz chicken breast, steamed veggies 4 points
5pm baked tortilla chips 3 points
7pm egg whites and lite cheese on english muffin 6 points
total 19.5... have 9.5 points left for today - crazy! I will have some form of snack this evening in the 3-5 point range.

Todays workout - 80 min on treadmill, upper body weights and abs.

So come with me on this 2 week journey... how about even making your own 2 week goal and share with me and my readers (via the comment section) your daily steps to reach that goal!


  1. Ok, I'm in - mine is "Two weeks to get back on track from this dumb virus" - here's my plan for tomorrow: 8 miles on the treadmill, plus upper body weights. I'm going to try to eat healthy all day long and drink lots of water. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for the challenge!

  2. Terri - wow 8 miles is awesome! I cant seem to do more than 6 on a treadmill... seems so much harder to me, or longer maybe?