Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yup its me again :)

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had a great day. Mine was good. I worked until 6pm - love when I get off early!

Food wise I went over a bit but only by 5 points. I ended up having 1 piece of chocolate at work. Yes only 1 piece! That is huge for me! Before I would keep sneaking back to the break room to have just one more piece, over and over again. Today I enjoyed one and only one. I drank a TON of water. When I got home I treated myself to an almond butter and marshmellow english muffin. This used to be 5 points - its now 8! But so worth it! Regardless its 9pm and Im DONE eating for the day. I just enjoyed a nice mug of hot tea - pumpkin :) If I get in the "I want to munch" mode then I will floss and brush my teeth.

Workout wise - I went straight to the gym after work. I have never been to the gym in the evening before....ummm not a fan! In the am it is busy but mainly women doing alot of cardio and classes with a few men in the free weight section. I rock the morning! I do a class or hit the treadmill then take up a corner of the free weight section and do an awesome free weight workout. I love my weight training time. I really enjoy it. Well - night time ... different! About double the people, mainly men. There were three classes going on but not really full. Treadmills and ellipticals almost all full. TONS of men in the weight section. Now I can stand up to any guy on the treadmill. I push myself - everytime! Today wasnt a really run day so I just did 30 min on the treadmill to get my heartrate up. Did 60 floors of stairs on the stair climber (ouch). Then headed over to the weight section... yea, not happenning. There were guys everywhere and I got alittle intimidated. Decided to push weights to tomorrow. Oh well, got my cardio in!

What did you do today to get your heart rate up?

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  1. WE had freezing rain this morning so I didn't go to the gym this morning - like you, I hate the evening sessions, but today that's how it's gotta be. :(