Thursday, December 16, 2010

rant time...

My four year old is a spoiled ungrateful brat... I love him but that is him in a nut shell sometimes!

We do the count down to xmas with his "elf" leaving him little candies and notes. The notes typically say we are signed up for a family activity. Back story - last week when we took him to see santa we knew he was asking for a race track. He surprised us with "all I really want is a saxaphone"...what?!? weird. He also loves all those singing dancing xmas themed things - at walgreens yesterday I saw a singing dancing saxaphone playing santa... adorable! So I put it under the tree and in slot 16 it says "look under the tree"

He walks to the tree and says "Thats it? All it does it sing and dance, I dont like it!"

errrrrr - I did something wrong with this kid. He is so lucky to have all the things he has and two parents that love him as much as we do. Pets, a great family, comfy house, ability to take karate lessons, lots of toys... he thinks he is so entitled and I dont know how to fix that!


  1. Oh, I totally understand! Last year we bought my youngest a tent. It was the first present he opened. He threw it across the room and said, "I don't WANT this". I was pissed! Then step son threw a trantum later that afternoon because "Nana didn't get me alot of presents".

    We took the tent away from youngest and gave it to one of the other boys. He did NOT like that. So, I don't have any words of wisdom but I totally understand!!!

  2. He's 4. I do daycare and have seen a lot of 4 year olds and most are like that. Sometimes.

    Would it help to have him "earn" his karate lessons or new toys? He's old enough to know cause and effect. Maybe he would appreciate them more.

  3. Okay, having raised three boys I do have some words of wisdom here, but they probably aren't terribly helpful. I'll share them anyway! The truth is that the most wonderful of children go through a bratty stage at some point in their lives. Be grateful that he is doing it as a toddler because people expect toddlers to act bratty - it is much worse when they go through it at an older age, believe me! One of my sons stayed bratty from about age 11-13, and it was a trial, let me tell you!

    Now, that doesn't mean I think you should ignore it - if elves and fairies are susceptible to belief they are also susceptible to gratitude, and maybe if you're not properly grateful the elf will take the gifts to another little boy who appreciates them. Just a thought - maybe it should go away for a day or two, and when he asks why, you can tell him that elves can only visit people who are happy to have them visit!

  4. Chalk it up to the age, unless it keeps happening...

    then what? who know's I've yet to reach that period yet, mine is 3. Lately I've seen my sweet little boy do some not swet things and I just wonder...what happened

  5. oooh... I'm so sorry!!! Sounds dreadful and would make me boil with anger! My kids are definitly spoiled as well(they're the only grandkids with plenty of in-town grandparents). I don't have any great advise, but keep conversation going about all the things they have and do get. Even the little things - like, isn't it nice the mommy always makes you your favorite sandwhich for lunch? They have no clue how or what is done for them - they just expect it. And they don't remember, so feel free to repeat yourself!

    And if all else fails - I love this line: (may not apply perfectly here...)
    "I didn't ask you what you wanted."

  6. yup our elf is taking a few days off... I already told him that he hurt his elves feelings.

  7. My 4, now 5 year old is like that. She says mean stuff all the time just to get a rise. We've had lots of talks about the golden rule and not saying something at all if you can't say something nice. We watched Santa Paws, the movie about orphans and it actually made a big impact. SHe keeps talking about helping poor children now. Just keep talking to him about how it makes people feel when he says stuff like that. Kids this age have no filter. Everything that pops in their heads comes out. Hang in there. It does get better. I went through this with my oldest as well. He was a real stinker at times.