Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Its a girl - and she better weigh a ton!

So we found out yesterday that my little pumpkin is a GIRL... we are THRILLED! Today we found out I have gained 19 lbs since my first appt. Im only 20 weeks. I gained 22 lbs total with Gavin. No wonder I feel bloated and huge. Its all my eating - 100% my fault and not "just because". I have been talking everyone into going out to eat - almost daily. I have made cobblers like there is no tomorrow, ritas italian ice, I went through a mozzerella stick kick. SO we cleared out the house. I went to the farmers stand and the grocery store. Made a HUGE salad. Cooked up some veggies. Cut up tons of fresh veggies, made dip and hummus. Cut up some fruit. Need to make a change.

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  1. hooray!!! congrats!
    Just a note - I gained 20 lbs with my first boy, but I was at my highest weight. With my second, I gained 50 freakin lbs, but within 4 weeks of giving birth, I lost 40 of the 50! You'll be fine!!!