Saturday, July 16, 2011

much better saturday :)

Today has been much better - exhausting but better mood wise!

Started the day off with several hours at a local fair - nicely didnt put a drop of sunblock on myself... silly me... needless to say I am BURNT and sore. But G had a blast.

I was seriously craving turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes so G and I went out to dinner - he didnt want to go where I wanted to go at first but as soon as I told him the baby wanted mashed potatoes.... he quickly said "definately mommy, I dont want to make the baby sad"... he is so freaking sweet and will be an awesome big brother (atleast most of the time). It was nice to sit and actually have a conversation with my little man... we chatted away the entire meal. LOVE that!

Then the best part of my day - G read an entire book to me. Granted it was a level 1 super begginner book but still... it wasnt all site words and he had to sound out some 3 and 4 letter words. SO proud of him!

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