Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review - yes I know everyone is doing them.

Nothing like taking a look at the year and see where you did well and where not so well. So I pulled up my post from 1/1/11 and this is what I wrote...

Family wise - Hope to add to our family this year with a baby :) And turn myself into a minivan driving mom :) We welcomed our beautiful little girl, Breanna, at the beginning of December. I hated the newborn phase with my son... I dont know if its because she is so different then G was, that its my last baby, that hubby is home to help or what but Im loving it this time around. And yes I got the minivan too - granted we wrecked it but still.

Work wise - Continue doing what Im doing. Like I mentioned - I LOVE IT! I want to continue to grow in the role and become more independant in my decision making. And go to a conference. The conference didnt happen but I still LOVE my job and the independance came in full force. I was sent to our sister hospital where for 19 hours, besides the ER doctor, I was the only in house provider. Had to pick up my game quickly. In the last week I have ran into several families of patients while out and everyone of them has come up to thank me - yesterday someone came up to me at the grocery store to tell me how thankful they were to have me there while their dad died.

Health wise - First and foremost, stick with it! Work on my overeating issues. Continue to put my gym membership to good use :) RUN my first marathon and all the training that goes into that! Be a healthy role model for my son. And if I am lucky enough to get preggo then have a much healthier pregnancy then I did previously. Do you notice that my yearly goal isnt to get to a certain size, a certain weight. Yes I have goals for that but all in all I want to be healthy. I ran the marathon - it was AMAZING and I loved it and I am now hooked! I found out I was preggo the next week. I started the pregnancy super healthy but I lost my way and ended it not so much. I havent been to the gym in months. Im so ready to get back there!

Personal - Continue to realize that I am lucky to have everything I have. Dont take things so personal and dont always see the bad side of things right away. I have to continue to remind me of this and its a work in progress.

And what does 2012 bring???
I have already set my goals and you can find them on the side of my blog so that they continue to remind me through out the year.
1. Run my second marathon
2. Learn to really really swim
3. Run 1000 miles total this year
4. Lose 40lbs
5. Put my relationship with hubby up their on the priority list and work on improving the romance.

What are your 2012 goals?

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