Friday, December 23, 2011

homeward stretch...

It is 2 days before xmas. My 5 year old is officially home for 10 days... omg no clue what Im going to do with him for 10 days!

And today is going to be a super busy day. We got up this morning and made monkey bread - its in the oven and smells delish. The boy is playing his version of chess by himself, baby girl is sound asleep after getting up at 630 to eat and hubby is asleep too after staying up until 5 am (yes 5 am) playing with a new computer he is building/fixing.

We have a busy day planned - need to do a few last minute pick ups... pictures, crab meat and some bigger bills from the bank for a money gift. The boy and I are making fudge and healthy meringues. And we may even brave chuck e cheese with him later this afternoon.  oh yea and my super religious 5 year old (no clue where he gets it from) wants to make a bday cake for Jesus.

Tomorrow is dinner with friends and doing those xmas eve things with the kids. Xmas will be awesome. I love love love Christmas.

Alittle bummed its so freaking warm outside and all the rain last night wasnt snow :(

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