Friday, December 30, 2011

A healthy friday...

Regardless of my best intentions things went alittle off the last few days - being stuck in Jersey with desserts EVERYWHERE didnt help. Then yesterday I had a GREAT day out with my bff seeing the new twilight movie, pedicures, and dinner out and the BEST margarita ever... margarita mixed with sangria. YUMMY. But I only had one.

Today is back on track - enjoying my morning coffee now. About to make some old fashioned oats and plan to top them with the awesome raspberries and blackberries I have in the fridge. Plan to do some healthy food prep. Plan to make this roasted red pepper soup (super yummy and easy!) but this time I plan to roast the red peppers too. Im making extra speghetti squash this time to use through out the week. My little man is having a sleep over tonight - normally that would mean ordering a pizza or something but hubby and I already talked about it and we decided instead we would go pick up a rotisserie chicken and make some veggies. The boys will eat that and dont need the junk!

Im going to try my best to keep a food journal on here and will be updating as the day goes on or will update before I go to bed at night.

Hoping to get some organization done today - my room is a disaster with clothes everywhere and as much as I love my xmas stuff Im ready to have my house back.

Hope everyone has a great friday!

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  1. My teen picked up 4 pizzas for himself and friends the other night. My oldest son and husband each had a few slices too... but not me:) Healthy leftovers instead.