Thursday, December 29, 2011

SO we headed to Jersey this year for my husbands family xmas. Normally they all come to Maryland but since we are both off for maternity/paternity leave we thought it would be nice to head there. Had a great time getting the kids together.

The weather was getting yucky  - dark, windy and rain. Normally we stay , but we opted not to stay the night because we left our dog at home.

Are you counting the things that are different on this trip?
1. we went there
2. we didnt stay over night
So we head out around 7pm or so to get home. The GPS decides to take us a different way (#3) - we normlaly would make it change its mind and go our normal way but we both said - hey lets see how it takes us. (#4) Then we approach a circle and BAMMMM we get hit from behind with someone doing 40-50 mph... with two kids in the car. The pic doesnt do it justice

My back window shattered - glass everywhere. Thank god I made little man move to the center row for the trip. He normally sits in the very back (#5). You cant see but there are cracks near the side back window that go all the way towards the driver door. The guy that hit us was in a pick up, air bags deployed and its totaled. Luckily besides G being TERRIFIED (he had just fallen asleep), both kids seemed 100% ok. Hubby and I were a bit sore the next morninng but all in all ok.

The van wasnt drivable so we opted to have it fixed in Jersey and get a rental to get home. On the way home GPS decided to try to take us our normal way - weird. We opted to go back to the circle though to see it during the day. Major busy road, 55 mph getting to the circle. 2 lanes entering to a one lane circle. And no... NONE, NADA ... NO signs in the circle at all. No signs to say who yeilds, who has right of way, NOTHING. We got new carseats that morning. When we took another look at her old one - the base was bent. Crazy.

We are very lucky to be ok. It could have been WAY worse. If you believe in fate - maybe if we would have went our old way - maybe the accident would have been worse. 

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