Thursday, January 12, 2012

an ok day

Still exhausted. Woke up exhausted had a decent day and now Im exhausted.

Date day went well. We decided we both really wanted breakfast food so just headed to a diner. Yes I could have made way better choices but I enjoyed every single bite of my waffle and bacon! I used half the butter and syrup I normally use though. And I wrote down every single thing I ate. 18 points for that meal. Yes that sucks but I knew it would be up there. After the fact did I beat myself up over it? Nope. I enjoyed it then got right back on track. Next time I may decide to healthify the meal a bit but it could have been worse... you should have seen their pies! We went to the shooting range where I rocked with a 9mm. I brought my camera and planned on hubby taking a pic of me shooting but the range was filled with hunters and cops, I was the only women and alittle too self conscience to bring out a camera.

The best part of date day - we chatted and decided we wanted to have more active date days... ie not surrounded by food. We decided the one next month will be an indoor rock climbing trip! We need ideas for the other months though!
I havent did a final count of my points today but it looks like I will be over by about 15. But again I planned for that. I have no intention of using any more of the 49 points this week.

I have meal planned for through the weekend.
Fri - baked asian tilapia, asparagus, sauteed mushrooms
Sat - beef and brocoli biggest loser recipe with a ton of extra veggies thrown in
Sun - tacos for the boys, lettuce wraps for me
Mon - left overs

I had every intention of running today even though its not a designated run day. Or atleast do 30 min on the elliptical but right now I am having a "im tired and want to be left alone" moment. Between my hubby not being overly helpful today, my 5 year old having melt downs over nothing, and my 5 week old screaming blood murder all day because she needs to poop... Im TIRED. So if the energy returns then it will happen. If not Im going to bed early - which may be the better idea there.

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  1. Good, glad you didn't beat yourself up...ust keep moving forward. Have a good sleep.