Thursday, January 12, 2012


Damn Im tired this morning. I stayed up way to late instead of listening to my body. Then baby girl was up at 330 and little man was up at 645. I want to go back to bed once he is on the bus but we have plans today so I need to get things ready for the sitter, take a shower, ect ect.

Today is date day with hubby - it is one of my resolutions/goals for 2012. I want to make sure we make more of an effort - spend more alone time together. So today is lunch out and going to the shooting range. I picked that for him - he is a cop after all and has been off work for 6 weeks so Im sure he misses some of that . I would have picked going on a nice long hike but the weather here is rainy and GROSS.

As you know Im nervous about going out to eat. I have a plan. Of course I do, Im all about plans. And yesterday after I posted I thought more about what I wrote. YEs I have issues with food but Im going to have to deal with it. I have made some progress. Yesterday I wanted a coffee from my favorite local place. They have a local choc praline coffee that is so yummy (and 0 points). I decided I couldnt stop because I cant say no to their scones even though I wasnt hungry. I LOVE them. Then as I got closer I said SCREW that and turned in... a damn scone wont tell me what to do! As I walked in the owner was at the register and I immediately went up to her saying "I do NOT want a scone, I want a coffee. I will not have a scone" - she looked at me like I had 2 heads then said "your on a diet huh"... I said nope Im starting a new life.

So today I will get my workout in - promise. I will not have an appetizer, drink or dessert. I dont need any of that. I will order what I want from the menu and will try to tweak it to make it more healthy if it wont affect the overall taste of the dish. I will right down everythign I eat so I can log the points. I will pay attention to my hunger cues and stop when comfortable. I will drink a large glass of water before eating.

I got this!

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