Wednesday, April 4, 2012

day by day worked today :) and INSANITY

Today I decided JUST to focus on TODAY. To pay attention to everything I put into my mouth, to work on getting little extra movements in and lots of water. To stay away from sweets today - which was super hard today since hubby needed chocolate so there is a GIANT chocolate bar in the fridge and yummy cookies with icing. I wanted a bite many many times today but kept telling myself "no, just not today. maybe tomorrow but not today"

And do you know what?  IT WORKED! My eating has been right on point today and I didnt give in.
Breakfast - coffee with almond milk, old fashioned oats with banana/cocoa powder and berries
Lunch - 6 in subway chicken breast sub with the inside bread scooped out with veggies, side of carrots and hummus
Dinner - a charcoal grilled cheese burger in a lettuce "bun" and roasted veggies
Snack - 100 cal popcorn and frozen grapes. Yummy.

On a side note I decided to try out my husbands Insanity... OMG... my calves are going to EXPLODE and I have NO core. I was a jiggly mess. More on that to come.

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