Thursday, April 5, 2012

getting through today

It worked so well yesterday with me just focusing on the day - I am doing the same today. Eventually it wont be so difficult - right?

So I need to just get through today - from wake up until bed time. Things I need to specifically focus on today since Im at work -
1. NO crackers and peanut butter. If I get hungry then eat the food I packed ... who knows how many calories I have been adding daily to this yucky work habit!
2. Keep water at my desk... and drink it!
3. When I go down to the cafeteria to get the chicken breast to add to my lunch that is all I get!
4. No candy from the gift shop!

Also I need to get an easy 3 mile run in tonight.

Just need to keep telling myself - its just one day, its just one day.

Oh and pat on the back to me - havent stepped on the scale in a few days. Im trying really hard to stop my several times a day weighing in. Trying not to step on it until my official weigh in on Sundays.

Ok off to get ready for work.

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