Tuesday, April 3, 2012

one day at a time

First off I feel pretty awesome right now. I didnt wake up to get my run in this morning. I had a busy day planned ending with an impromtu sleepover with two silly giggling boys in my basement. I didnt think it was giong to happen. I just wasnt feeling it. At 830 I had the boys settled in with their sleeping bags. Baby girl was in bed. I changed my clothes and hit the treadmill thinking if I can just get half of it in. Well I rocked it! 10 min running, 30 sec sprint, 90 sec walk x 6 times. So 75 min on the treadmill with a total of 5.8 miles. Felt great. I could have ran raster for the running but the goal today was to complete the task time wise but I really really pushed myself  in those sprints.

I keep focusing on the end result. Completing a month of this or that. I set myself up for failure over and over.

I need to take it one day at a time.

Tomorrow I need to just focus on that day - getting from point a to point b ... from morning to bedtime. Just focus on the day . Tomorrow I will...
-Start with a heathly filling breakfast
-no processed meals, no artificial sweetners
-no sweets tomorrow (this doesnt need to be a daily thing and I had MORE than enough today, trust me)
-no eating out
-get my workout in
-water water and more water

I got this!

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