Monday, April 2, 2012

exhausting day:)

I am TIRED... but had a great day with my family. Granted - I have no pictures to prove it since I charged my camera but forgot it! uhhhh!

Started the morning off bright and early at the gym for 530 am spin. 530 is getting alot easier to get up and go. I plan better and go to bed at a decent time and lay out everything I need before I go to bed. It also helps they just implemented a three strikes rule. If you sign up and dont show up for 3 classes in a three month period of time then you lose your sign up privilages for a month ... yes they mean signing up for spin but its all sign up which would mean I would lose signing up for childcare! No can do! So I get my butt out the door!

Got home at 630, showered out the door by 730 to go out to breakfast with the family. By 930ish we were on the ma and pa trail taking the hike to the big playground. Lunch was boston market. Got baby girl new carseats. Cleaned out my van and vaccummed it. Straighted up the house. Went to a chiro appointment. Took Gavin to swimming.

And now Im pooped. G is out with daddy doing yard work. Bre is taking a nap and Im sitting here relaxing and eating some frozen grapes and filling out my to do list for tomorrow. Everything on todays got done except clean up my room but it WILL get done tonight!

On a side note my eating has been HORRIBLE today. Im just now drinking my first glass of water and its 7pm! I have munched all day. I have picked not so great for me food options and I have snuck snacks today. I dont know why I do this! I was doing so well off processed foods... didnt even really crave anything. But I allow myself to have one thing then thats ALL I can think about and I eat and I eat which makes me feel bad and then I eat some more. Makes me so frustrated with myself.  I just read on another blog - I will come back and link to it... you only need to work on being better than you were yesterday. I am going to remind myself that ALOT tomorrow (hell - tonight :)

Tomorrows to do -
1. Enjoy some gal time seeing hunger games, shopping, lunch
2. Get my treadmill workout in -
3. sign g up for summer camp

ok fast forward 2 hours - G insisted we dance in the kitchen which led to cuddling watching tv, getting them to bed and a hot bath. off to write up the treadmill plan for tomorrow and go to bed.

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