Saturday, April 28, 2012

happy off day :)

Hi everyone - the last two days was EXACTLY like I expected. Thur I went in expecting it to be horrible and even despite working out first I was in such a crappy mood. No surprise, the day sucked. Friday I went into it in a much better place mentally... so didnt matter. I got beat down emotionally over and over again. Thank god this isnt how my job normally is - I would have to find another one. W

So I am super excited to have a few days off to chill out and get myself back in a happy place.

I started this morning with a 9.5 mile run - aimed for 10 but miscalculated. It was slow but felt great! Unfortinately though soon as I was done it was jumping into mom land and no nap. Took baby girl to get her ears pierced (will post pics tomorrow) and took the kids out to dinner. They are in bed right now and Im EXHAUSTED!

On another note - I got re-energized on a coming run. The bird in hand, PA half marathon in amish country.  Its a smaller race and very family oriented. I just booked our hotel room for the fri/sat. Im going to sign Gavin up for his first kids run. There will be hot air balloons and a bon fire with smores. Im super excited!


  1. Congratulation for back a happy place.Be healthy.Your are crazy.

  2. That's are really exsitting.Hot air belons also wonderful.

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