Monday, April 30, 2012

Looking forward (sort of) to MAY

I have been thinking about my May goals for a few days now and I came up with some answers but waited to post them because then it becomes real.

I havent been doing so hot in the eating department and I keep gaining and losing the same 2 lbs.  It is very frustrating.

Im nervous about May because we go on our annual family vacation to the Outer Banks with my husbands family. It normally involves full blown breakfast, awesome dinners, nightly desserts, tons of alcohol and minimal workouts. I am not even attempting to plan to be perfect that week - it wont happen so I need to make a plan to atleast get through it without feeling deprived or mad at myself. Im working on that right now.

Running wise I have a 10K on the books, my longest long run will be 12 miles and I will start tapering for a half marathon June 2nd.

As for my May goals -

1. Im backing away from the scale. I weighed myself yesterday (170.5) and I have asked my best friend to take the scale out of my home and hide it in hers until the last week of May.

2. I recently found an awesome blog - RUNSFORCOOKIES.COM - and she didnt binge at all... not once through her entire journey. I have some major eating issues. I do GREAT for 3-4 days and then binge for 3-4 days making me stay the same on the scale. In May I am putting out there the goal for NO binging for the entire month. Does that mean I cant enjoy something I want? Of course not. It means that after I enjoy x, y, or z that I dont then start eating anything and everything I can put in my mouth until I go to bed.

Anyways there you have it - only two goals for May... but they are biggies. Yes I have a workout schedule made up, ideas for foods ect but these two are what Im focusing on.

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  1. Nice to meet you -- I found your site on the Runs for Cookies blog. I'm a mom and wife as well, and am trying to get back into my running shape. I'm currently 170, with a goal weight of 150 -- and was looking for similar blogs to keep me inspiried. I like your goals for May, I should probably do that for myself. I have long term goals (like, get up to 50 miles a week in my running and lose 20 lbs) but nothing short term. I'll have to give the short term some thought... But I'm with you on the binging. I can do so well for a couple of weeks and then it all falls apart. Gotta get to the root of that! Anyway, I'll be following you - good luck on your goals!