Saturday, April 7, 2012

I feel strong!

Ive been a bit busy between work, working out and family stuff. Regardless of how busy I have been this week - my exercise has taken priority.

Today I ran my first real longer run since prepregnancy - 7 miles! It felt AMAZING. I had to walk up a hill - hills suck butt but other than that it felt great. I got a baby sitter so I could have a 2 hour window to run, eat and shower. It was gorgeous outside. I had new music on my ipod. It was just a great run - my breathing felt even. It was awesome. So I started the morning off with a workout and I just ended the day with another workout. I decided this week to give Insanity from BeachBody a chance. Today was day 3. Lucky for me day 3 is cardio recovery so it was a perfect addition to my long run day.

Insanity is HARD. Yesterdays made me think I was going to vomit. Bu its fast paced and I feel AMAZING afterwards. I feel strong (and super sweaty). I was just going to do it as my cross training but instead I have decided to go full blown insane :) While I wish I would have tried it a month ago - now is better than a few months from now when Im running 12-16 miles at a clip.

Eating has been pretty decent. I did give in for a cookie earlier today. It was too sweet.

Tomorrow is weigh in.

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