Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tid bits

1. Not a huge amount to say - nothing exciting anyways. I was LAZY yesterday but I ate well within my calories. I didnt binge :)

2. I havent weighed myself in two days :) woohoo... need to still give my scale to Rach though.

3. Baby girl is getting into such a fun age ... she is almost 5 months and she is awesome!

4. The 5 year old left for school 45 min ago yet Im still sitting here watching Johny Test... something is just not right with that!

5. I need to revamp my workout schedule a bit this week. While I love when hubby is on days and we eat dinner together every night that Im off... my workout schedule "works" so much better when he is on evenings :)

My workout plans

Today - insanity once Bre goes down for morning nap, 60 min treadmill workout once she goes down for her long nap.
Wednesday - insanity in the am, treadmill workout after work
Thur - insanity in the am
Fri - 12 mile long run (already set up babysitter)
Sat - rest or spin

peace out for now! Time to quit being lazy... have about 8 loads of laundry on my agenda for today.

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