Monday, April 9, 2012

Prepping for the week

So how do you plan a healthy work week when you work 12 hour shifts and have 2 kids? With lots and lots of planning.

I have written out my workout plan for each day based on my husbands schedule... I need to make a few changes since I planned to do early spin tomorrow but they dont have early spin on tuesdays :(  Totally bummed about that since its the only day this week I could get in the early spin class.

Next you plan your food. This takes the longest. If you dont like eating the same thing several days in a row then this can be much more difficult but I dont mind.

First I made my breakfast for the next 4 days - chocolate berry oatmeal (looks gross taste great, promise)
Next I made a TON of veggies as the main part of lunch and dinner for the next few days while hubby grilled a ton of chicken. I made the veggies in batches - first brocoli, carrotsand cauliflouer then asparagus, zucchini and onion and then brussel sprouts...

Since Im going to the gym in the am - my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are packed. Yes I have a large lunch bag! I packed the oatmeal, huge thing of veggies, 2 pieces grilled chicken, carrots, an apple, strawberries, hummus and a small thing of microwave popcorn. That will even out my day. I will probually have a banana before heading to the gym.

The little mans lunch is already packed as well and his clothes are laid out to head back to school tomorrow from spring break (YAAAA!)

I still need to pack my gym bag since I will be showering there before work.

So workout plan
Tonight - insanity
Tomorrow morning - 4 intervals of run 10 min, 1 min hill, 1 min walk
Tomorrow evening - insanity
Wed morning - insanity
Wed evening - rest
Thur morning - insanity
Thur evening - rest
Fri morning - long run 8 miles
Fri evening - insanity
Sat morning - spin
Sat evening - insanity

So that is the week in a nutshell. Add in there work the next three days 12 hour shifts, spend a little bit of time with the little people, keeping the house up and getting my hair did :)

Doubt I will be back on here until Friday... see you then!

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  1. I only have ONE and I plan like you do :-)