Thursday, April 19, 2012

three things thursday

1. WHY OH WHY did I keep putting off my workout today? I was going to do it after we woke up but I hadnt seen baby girl in a few days so I was playing with her. Then I was going to do it after I took her to daycare before my massage but I didnt feel like I would have enough time. Then I had both kids, dinner, homework, walk, baths, bedtime. Busy. Now its a bit after 8pm. Im waiting and waiting for Bre to stop being a bobble head in her crib so I can get down stairs and get it done. But the longer I wait the harder and harder it is to get down stairs to do it. I want to be lazy. Lazy is being very very close to winning.

2. I am fully stocked in Gu :) I ordered a big box from amazon that came today. Not knowing it would come today and having a run planned for tomorrow - I swung by charm city running and bought a few so now I have like 30 of my favorite. Chocolate Outrage is freaking awesome.

3. Tomorrow is a 10 mile planned run. First 10 miler in 15 months. Im a bit nervous. I was super excited to be running with a friend but lives are busy and she cant join me :( very bummed out. I need a few more running friends....

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