Friday, May 4, 2012

allergies are kicking my ass

Im assuming its just allergies - Im not much of an allergy person but I dont have a fever and its staying within my head/sinuses area so Im saying allergies.

Regardless I feel like CRAP. I have a post nasal drip that is making my throat raw. I have NO voice which sucks for someone who talks A LOT. I started claritin with a decongestant. I feel better but blah - I hate that medication feeling. And I still sound like crap and have no voice.

Today is my only day off - I work all weekend. I had a 6 mile run planned for Thur that didnt happen because I couldnt breath and was a coughing mess. I had a 12 mile run on the books for today. I had a babysitter booked. Part of me almost went out still this morning for that run - I even did a bit of research to see what the running experts say about running with a head cold.  But I have changed my mind.

I just took baby girl to the sitters. Weird how I dont feel guilty putting her there to get my run done but feel horrible about putting her there for me to try to feel better and take some me time to go back to bed. Expecially because she was in SUCH a good mood this morning.

So Im about to go back to bed. Goal to wake up in a few hours and clean up my house before getting her back. If I feel "ok" then I might try to get that 6 miler in this evening with the plan for 12 on monday. I need to get that 12 done so that mentally I can progress to the half coming up.

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