Tuesday, June 12, 2012

back to my regular program

While I was hoping to wake up in my own bed next to my wonderful husband and kissing on my adorable baby... we did not make it home last night. About 3 hours from home at 10pm - we hit horrible rain and fog rolling in the tops of the mountains. We opted to play it safe and got a hotel room for the night and finished our drive home this morning. So we did not get home until lunch time.

I wanted to take a nap and then get on with my day but life does not stand still waiting for me to get ready for it. So instead I unpacked, went grocery shopping and prepped some food for the week. I roasted a speghetti squash and made homemade red sauce. Tomorrow I will make some red pepper soup.

At 730 pm I forced myself downstairs to get the workout in that I planned on Sunday. I mixed it up a bit though. I did five 10-min intervals on the treadmill - some were tempo runs, some were with sprints mixed in, some with hill repeats. In between those intervals I did my weights/core workout. I am still a sweaty mess.

This weeks goal - 360 minutes of exercise.

Current 90/360

Tomorrow I will be back on track with tracking.


  1. Changes in routine always make it hard to stay on track. Good going on the exercise, I hope the rest of the week is a success!!

  2. I so struggle when the world wonks up my routine!

    youre rocking it!

  3. Life likes to throw curve balls - and those curve balls can make or break s day of exercise or good eating habits. Glad to hear you are continuing to track. Me too!