Sunday, June 10, 2012

week one down, on to week two

Its time to be honest with myself... and all of you. 

Week one of the summer sizzle challange has NOT gone well.  The week started off very well. I put EVERYTHING into food journal. Even made sure I had enough for that 1/2 of funnel cake I enjoyed. The scale rewarded me - on Sat morning I was down to 168lbs... thats a 5 lb weight loss this week. 

Ok so maybe the week did go well. Saturday was the downward turn though and its been down down down yesterday and today. I havent written a single thing down. I have not watched what I have eaten and every single meal and snack has been out. Granted Im away from home. My great grandmother passed away this week and my 5 year old son and I came to join the family in Ohio. I could have packed meals. I could have packed my mini blender and made my protein shakes. I could have brought my tennis shoes and did some time on the treadmill. I did none of this. 

So while the scale showed 168 Saturday before I left Im sure with the added salt and junk its way up from that in the short 48 hours. One more day - tomorrow is the funeral then we are heading home. Its going to be a long long day tomorrow. Wake up, breakfast, viewing, funeral, drive 8 hours home. It will be exhausting. 

The week is over, time to plan and move on. Tomorrow is a wash but I have the rest of the week.
And on to week 2 of the challenge. The challenge? 6 hours of working out.

Initially when I read that, I freaked out a bit. Ok more than a bit. 6 hours of working out is ALOT. Expecially when you are gone for two of those and have to work two of them. 

But I am taking this challenge head on. It will be what I need to get my mind back into the swing of things. Working out is my therapy. I enjoy it. It also helps that the more I work out the better I feel, the more energy I have, the happier I am, the better I eat. And it goes on and on and on. 

So here is my plan for this week to get those 6 hours in...
Tuesday - 5 mile run, weights (90 minutes)
Wed - early morning spin, 30 min doing laps in the pool  (75 min)
Thur - early morning spin (45 min)  **12 hour work day**
Fri -  Early morning speed work on treadmill before work, (60min) **12 hour work day
Sat - 30 min swimming laps, weights (60min)

Thats 5.5 hours scheduled. Plus there will be playing in the pool with Gavin and walking the dog that will easily get me over the 6 hour goal. 

Im also debating letting G swim early tomorrow before breakfast and getting some lap work in tomorrow. We will see. 

In addition Im going to try to roll alot of these challenges into the next one so once Im home I will be going back to journaling the best I can. Drinking TONS of water and carrying my water every where with me. 

I hope everyone else in the challenge is rocking it! 


  1. Awesome loss this week excellent job!! Congrats I know you have to be feeling amazing! I am a new follow from the Summer Sizzle I am looking forward to seeing your weight drop all summer long!! -Koday

  2. I am a new follower from the Summer Sizzle! I am looking forward to seeing your progress all summer!! Congrats on the loss! That is very exciting!!

  3. Sounds like you did great last week! Sometimes life does throw us a curve- just get up and take it one day at a time. So sorry about your great grandmother. Hope you have a safe trip home and rock the challenge the rest of the week!

  4. 5 lbs!! That's fantastic. Even if some of it comes back on it will still be a great loss. I'm sorry about your great grandmother passing away.
    This coming week will be challenging for me too. We can do it!!

  5. So far I see nothing wrong with your week - especially when you had a 5lb loss! That is fantastic! And better to have a day or two without tracking toward the end of the week than to start off that way and then just say, "Screw it!" and don't do it for the rest of the week. You have a great plan for exercise this week and I think you are on the right track. Come on - give this challenge hell! :-)