Wednesday, June 27, 2012

making a crappy workout AWESOME!

Sorry you are getting bullet points this morning. I had a GREAT post in my head last night but cuddling with the hubby and watching a movie won :)

  • Yesterday I didnt have a workout planned like I normally do. I had workout time planned since I had to request baby time at the gym. It wasnt when any of my classes were going on. It wasnt a run day. So what to do? I decided to push myself on a bike in the spin room then follow it up with weights. OK. Ridiculously hard getting both kids out the door for some reason. Finally get there. Get in the spin room. Put the bike shoes on. Turn on my ipod. And NOTHING... it was charged but it said I had NO music. WTH?!? I wanted a pity party. I wanted to just go sit outside by the pool for the 90 min then get the kids. But no I forced myself to workout anyway. I followed a workout that I have done in the spin class before. I used time instead of minutes. I was a sweaty mess. It was awesome. Then got my weights done. Got a shower and dressed all before having to get the kids :)
  • I sneak peaked a look at the scale this morning. I know I shouldnt but I cant help it. Was happy to see - Im down 1.5 lbs since Sunday. 
  • The 100cc water intake is going ok... hitting in the 90s. I am peeing a lot. A LOT. 
  • I need to go to bed earlier ... staying up to midnight or 1 am makes for one tired short tempered momma!
  • I just registered for my first nurse practitioner conference... in Toronto! I am so excited. I feel like a grown up! 
  • And most important for today... today is my best friends birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHAEL!!!! I am so lucky she moved to Maryland... I cant imagine life without her! 

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