Thursday, June 7, 2012

so so

Yesterdays eating sucked. We got some bad news that my great grandmother has made a turn for the worst and will die sometime in the next few days. This wasnt sudden. She is 92 and has been on hospice for a while now. She hasnt known who we are in years. She is not suffering. It is not a bad death. But my heart goes out to my grandmother - whom I am very very close with. My grandmother is not taking it very well. My grandma and her mother have not had the best relationship. She would keep trying but her mom would keep pushing way. So yesterday my heart was breaking for her. And I turned to food.

Today has been much better. I have made smarter choices. I got to the gym. I logged my food. I even left calories for some funnel cake at a local carnival with the family.  But its taking everything in me not to tackle the kitchen right now.


  1. Family illnesses are difficult to cope with. Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. I am sorry about your gr. grandma. It is hard on the family and not always the one going home.
    I read back to the challenge and know that you will do well. It just takes dedication and I know that you can do that. I like the idea of getting your snacks in a cupboard just for you. That is an awesome idea.
    Good luck. Take care and God Bless!!