Sunday, June 3, 2012

summer sizzle slim down week 1...

I have been talking a lot lately about re-finding my ummphhh. Yesterdays half marathon helped rejuvenate the running portion. Then I came across Rochelle's blog and her summer challenge... read all about it HERE.

If you know me - then you know I'm all about a challenge! To be honest though - between me and me (and I guess all of you)... I quit. Alot. So please feel free to call me out :)

Week ones challenge is a two part'er. First today we have to post our measurements, weight and pictures. Just completed that.

For your viewing pleasure... or the complete opposite of pleasure...
Date -        6/3/12
Height -     5'1"
Weight -    173.5lbs
Bust -        40 inches
Abdomen  38 inches
Hips          44 inches
Thigh         27 inches
Arm           13 inches

OMG not the most flattering pics. But normally I either make sure I'm on the other side of the camera and if not then I suck in my gut, make sure you get me sort of at an angle, lots of makeup and actually do my hair :) But the point of this exercise is to be honest with ourselves. This is me. All of those chins, the bad skin... its all me. I need to own up on it.

I have a feeling when things get hard I will be going back to this post again and again and look at those pictures.

Ok on to the second part of this challenge. This weeks week long challenge is to be accountable for every bite of food that goes into my mouth. I am a big fan of   ... please friend me Chrissyrn04. I can use all of the support I can get!

My downfall is my sons more processed snacks. To combat that - I just went into the pantry and pulled out every single thing that is "my" food... my pb2, oats, protein powder, wasa crackers ect and moved them to another cabinet. There is NO reason for me to even open the pantry when I'm looking to snack. There is NOTHING in there for me.

My goals by the end of this challenge
-lose the double chin
-minimal processed food
-marathon training without gaining weight like last time
-lose 20 lbs

For the others on this challenge - I look forward to pushing each other!


  1. First of all, let me commend you on posting the pics! I know that is hard and I am not happy with mine (and I have much more weight to lose than you do!)...BUT like you said, when the going gets rough, come back to the pics to let them be a reminder of why you embarked on this challenge in the first place. I am happy you joined and hope that you stick with us for the 13 weeks! You will have tons of support! You can do this!!!!!

  2. Best of luck for the challenge!

  3. Hi :) I'm just catching up with challenge contestants and all the blog posts. Just wanted to say hello and wish you the best of luck with the challenge! :)