Monday, August 6, 2012

yoga and a major 5k!

I have officially finally tried Yoga. And guess what... I loved it! I am still shocked that I liked it at all let alone loved it and cannot wait to go again! I am NOT flexible. I have NO balance. I HATE trying new things when  Im the only one that doesnt know what I am doing. But in te last few months I have tried a lot of new classes and wanted to see what all this Yoga was about. My gym offers a mixed mode yoga called Yoga flex. The teacher was inviting and made sure I knew what they were doing every step of the way. The mood in the room was so tranquil. The music was relaxing. And about 55 minutes into it we had the most relaxing enjoyable stretching cool down. I am a cardio girl through and through. I like to sweat. I like to get my heart rate up. But after all of my running, all of the spin and hard core cardio classes... this was such a nice treat. I felt so happy leaving the gym today. This needs to go into weekly rotation.

And I have something so awesome to share... a week ago a mom in my playgroup asked if I would help her get to 5k shape and help lose the baby weight. I felt so honored that someone would think of me as a "fit" person and a runner even when I do not feel that way sometimes. She is a nonrunner and is right where I was when I started! I get to be coach. Its an awesome feeling! And I decided to stretch that great feeling - I am forming a running team for a 5k approx 11 weeks from now... the Komen race for a cure 5k in Hunt Valley, MD. My team will be almost completely 5k/race virgins. How awesome is that!?!

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