Saturday, November 10, 2012


OMG - I have taken the leap. I have officially signed up for the VA Beach 2013 Tough Mudder.

I have been talking with a few people about doing this race for a month or so now. BUT part of me planned on backing out. I dont think Im TOUGH enough. Not strong enough. Not dedicated enough. And I planned to back out before it got to the sign up portion.

BUT - this coming weekend is the Phili Marathon. The marathon that was supposed to be my post baby marathon. The marathon I paid for and started training for. But I doubted myself and I talked myself out of doing it. I told myself it was too hard, too much with a baby, took too much time away from the family ect ect ect. And I quit. Well now its coming up and I feel horrible about it. I dont want June 2013 to come and see them complete it and me sitting at home feeling even more down on myself.

So now I have a group of people depending on me. And a crap load of training to do!

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  1. Thats awesome!! Ive always wanted to do a tough mudder, or something similar!!!