Monday, November 5, 2012

going 180...

First, I need to issue an apology... or a new impression. A few months ago I ran the bird in hand half marathon and stayed at one of their local hotels - The Bird in Hand Family Inn.  We didnt have a great stay for our first stay there. I posted about it on here with my running recap and shockingly the owner of the inn read it. He reached out to me on FB and told us that our issues were not the norm there and he wanted to prove it. So he offered us 1 night in a family suite on him. I used that voucher for a free family suite last night - they are about 30 miles from Hershey park so we made a little family trip.The family suite is so comfy and BIG. The ladies at the front desk were so welcoming. My room was ready 2 hours early with chocolates and pumpkin bread waiting for us. Our rooms smelled and looked so clean. The beds were comfy. The pool while a little highly chlorinated was a huge hit. The hot tub was very relaxing. The petting zoo was a hit too. So first impressions are NOT always right - and we will be back!

Second, Im gaining weight at an alarming rate right now. I love how eating paleo makes my body feel but my mind keeps screwing me up. I think nonstop about what I "cant" have. I then finally give in to "one" thing ... then I binge on every single thing I have wanted the last few days. And I gain. So I think its time to go back to my roots... yes the dreaded weight watchers. I have decided to do it online only with my weigh ins posted on here every Monday. But I want to take a primative/paleo twist on it. Staying as non processed as I can and minimum wheat. Tons of veggies, some fruits and lean meats.

So back to where we started...

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