Thursday, November 1, 2012

Going to be a good day...

Yesterday was a sugar high candy craziness - yuck.

But today is starting off as a great day :)

I got up and worked out before work for the first time in weeks and weeks. Sucks getting out of bed but I feel SO much better afterwards. This morning was a quick 20 min WOD from CrossFit Mamas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her workout blog! I tend to go through a couple of weeks worth of workouts, write down ones I want to try and then do them on the days that it fits into the schedule. Today was 20 min of nonstop rounds of 20 pushups, 40 squats and 80 jumping jacks. My butt is so sore from the weighted squats from yesterday and omg pushups suck. I did the first 3 rounds with "man pushups" then had to move to my knees. But thats a hell of alot better than when I started!

Lunch/snacks are packed for work.

I did my online stuff for Gavins class (Im in charge of the scholastic orders, fun fun).

And believe it or not... after being home with the kids through the storm I am SO ready to go back to work!

In case I get too busy to post since I work 36 hours in the next 3 days, here are my workouts planned for the next few mornings...

Fri - 3 rounds of all out running 800 meters and rest 2 min in between
Sat - 5 rounds f 15 walking lunges with 20 lbs and 60 jumpking jacks
Sun - 4 mile run
Mon - 20 min of nonstop rounds 20 pushups, 40 sit ups, 80 jump ropes
Tues - 5 rounds of 10 burpees, 10 knees to elbow, 21 walking lunges with 20lbs, and run 400 meters (yuck)
Wed - yoga, run 4 miles with 4 speed drills

Come sunday hubby and I are both off a week together too - so excited! We are going to Hershey park for the last day its open with Gavin for Erics birthday and redo-ing our hall bathroom. Oh and I talked eric into adding a local 5k at the end of the week!

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