Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Sitting here while the kids eat breakfast - and of course I cant find my damn camera. They are both sitting next to me eating scrambled eggs and toast and for their drink  ... a green drink. We juiced this morning - cucumber, spinach, celery, parsley, apple, lemon. So yummy! And both kids love it! Makes me very very happy.

Today Im venturing out for my first trail run. Im a bit bummed out that I didnt plan a bit better and go to a different park like Gunpowder but Im on a time schedule today so Im heading to Susquahanna which is where we usually go hiking with the kids/dog. It is very very hilly. Very hilly. Have I mentioned its all hills? uhhh. And while its supposed to be crazy warm today for January but right now at almost 8 am its only 25 degrees. Holy moly!

I will be posting a master Tough Mudder training schedule in the next few weeks too. The reality of it being THIS year makes me so nervous. I have a long ways to go to be ready to do it safely. But I am so so so excited! I have the best team. My high school best friend Kathy is flying in from Vagas to do it! And one of my most favorite local people Laura. Then we are rounding it out with some awesome people from work and turns out we have a token guy friend of Lauras. Im not sure what Im looking forward to most... completing something I think is so hard, the teamwork that will be involved or getting away a whole weekend and just being a grownup ... no one to call me mom, well only over the phone anyways!

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