Saturday, January 5, 2013

need to get better at pictures...

I really need to keep my camera or hell even my phone more handy for pictures - I would have so much more fun things to show you! And it would remind me all of the awesome things I did today.

I have tons to say today and it may be all over the place - sorry!

First, last night I was reading  Sarah's blog over at Operation Healthy and she was talking about a documentary called Hungry for a Change. Which got me intrigued and so I stayed up a bit too late and watched it. It didnt tell me anything I hadnt already watched or read but it was a great reminder and it was like parts of it were talking directly to me. Im so sick of being on a diet. Im sick of telling myself I "cant" have  x, y, z. Im so sick of having a bad relationship with food and letting it constantly dictate how I feel about myself. Im so so so sick of it.

So today I didnt write down a single thing I ate calorie wise today. I didnt say "damn it I cant have a poptart and Im miserable while Im eating this carrot so hell Im going to eat toast slathered in butter instead".  I made sure I ate before I was starving. I paid attention to what I was putting in my mouth. I sat down and enjoyed each meal instead of rushing it. I asked myself when deciding my meals -  does this food make me healthier or unhealthy and I chose healthy every single time. And now the day is over and I was curious what my total calories were without trying... 1300. woohoo! And I wasnt starving. I didnt feel deprived and I wasnt acting like a crazy person thinking about brownies or something all day since I "couldnt" have it.

Today food -
Breakfast - shakeology shake with almond milk
Snack - greek yogurt with almonds
Lunch - chicken chili soup
Dinner - tons of roasted veggies with goat cheese and a chicken jalapeno sausage
snack - hot tea and baked apples, small handful of semi sweet choc chips.
And sips of tasting different juices

Now the juices... the video talked about above - the very end talked about juicing. I was totally drawn in and loved the idea of making green veggie juices for better health. I went and bought a juicer and a CRAP load of fruits and veggies. Things I would have never ever thought to buy - fresh beats, kale, parsley.

We made the following
1. orange grapefruit
2. strawberry lemondade with an apple
3. beet carrot parsley celery
4. kale carrot brocoli lemon celery

shocker we liked ALL of them - even the 6 year old... his fav was the beet one :) And it was so much fun to make! We cracked up the entire time we were doing it!

And while today was an off day from chalean - I had running on the calendar. I told myself I was going to do 5 miles. But my day got away from me and with G in the workout room with me and not being able to find my ipod I only got in 3 before I gave in ... but happy I did something!

And tomorrow is weigh in ... uhhhh so scared. Its been an up and down week. And of course its that time of the month where bloating is not my friend.


  1. I LOVE it when the family loves new foods!!
    What kind of juicer did you buy?

  2. I wanted this smaller compact version of this one but I am a NOW girl and didnt want to wait until Tues for Amazon to deliver it so I went to bed bath and beyond with a 20% off coupon and got this one...