Wednesday, January 2, 2013


First a little pat on my own back for a minute. Its 615 am... and I am DONE my workout already :) My alarm went off... I got up IMMEDIATELY and did NOT hit my snooze. NOT EVEN ONCE! That is HUGE for me ... huge! Today is just a video day since I work and the video was the cardio portion of chalean which is OMG and the abs. Next time I need to do abs first. I had nada in me after the first 45 min video. But regardless ... FREAKING AWESOME! Now Im sitting here catching up on blogs, enjoying a cup of coffee and then I will get moving for the day. Oh and for the record - crazy sore!

Now yes that makes me happy but the reason for todays post - to remind myself that I lucked out and have an amazing husband. Yes he is a giant kid sometimes, yes sometimes I want to strangle him but majority of the time he is just pure awesomeness and I sometimes forget that. Last night we were relaxing and I asked him what he hoped 2013 would hold - what he hoped to accomplish. His answer,  "nothing". I was shocked - nothing, really?!? Nothing for health, work, family... nothing?!? And his answer - I am very happy with how everything is right now. I like where we are right now. I want a year of this. My heart smiled. Sometimes its so easy to keep seeing the next big hurdle, the next goal... but sometimes you need to remember to sit back and enjoy the ride and enjoy where you are RIGHT NOW. Thank you honey for reminding me of that.

Secondly, I have been pretty down on myself in the body image department. Didnt help that the 6 year old was brutally honest as 6 year olds can be and told me on NYE that I was too jiggly and fat. I havent been saying the best things to myself. I have said things to myself that I would never say to anyone else. Eric reminded me that I am strong and that he loves me exactly how I am. That I am smaller than when we met and he would be very happy for me to stay as is. Love my man.

Ok enough of the sappy stuff - sorry :)

Today is a work day. Note to self - you are only eating what you packed and planned. There will be NO stress eating, no eating out of boredom. There will be no "omg Im so busy and only have time to scarf down chocolate and peanut butter on crackers"... none of that! And drinks some water why dont ya!


  1. there is nothing like a CHILD HUH?
    I know mine never means it unkindly but DANG she's honest.


  2. I hit my snooze twice!! OH I hate mornings. BUT, I did still run one mile, and get my ab work in!! THEN I wondered why I hit my snooze!! I felt great, and could have had my three miles in if I had gotten my lazy butt outta bed!!

    1. this morning was a bit harder - I need a personal assistant to wake me up :)