Thursday, January 3, 2013

omg im sore!

HOLY MOLY soreness batman! I am crazy sore. You know that funny sore where every time you sit down your hands need to go down first and you say OUCH OUCH OUCH as you fall down onto the chair. Yes that kind of sore. My lovely coworkers got a good laugh out of it yesterday.

Todays video was burn circut three of Chalean... shoulders. And then some more shoulders. I doubt I will be able to lift my arms over my head later today ... lets hope I dont need to intubate anyone today.

A few months ago I pulled a muscle in my left inner upper thigh... all of these squats and lunges has aggravated it and I need to figure out how to stretch that area... any suggestions?

ok off to get ready for work - Im tired this morning. Atleast the workout is done. Todays goal WATER WATER WATER!


  1. Sit on your rear, fold your knees up towards you. then let them fall to the sides. The left one to the left, the right one to the right. As you look down at your legs you see this <> GENTLY push down on your knees. I LOVE this stretch.

    Great workout today!!