Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am a planner... for those of you that have been reading this Im sure your thoughts are "really?!?" ... well yes. I have a problem... massive need for planning :)

So after 5 days off I work 4 of the next 5 days. Yuck. 48 hours in 5 days... double yuck. So I just sat down and menu planned for the next few days and exercise planned to make sure I have it in my head :)


  • Today - eggs/chicken sausage for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, left over chicken/cauliflower rice/veggies for dinner. And make a batch of paleo friendly chili in the crock pot for later.
  • Wed - shake for breakfast, chili and salad for lunch, left over chicken/"rice"/veggies for dinner.
  • Thur - Im off so meal prep. Attempting to make slowcooker chinese short ribs, large batch of chicken, tons of veggies. Breafkast will be chili and eggs, lunch = shake, dinner = something that I cooked that day :)
  • Fri - Shake for breakfast, chicken/veggies for lunch, ribs/veggies for dinner
  • Sat - repeat of friday
  • Sun - shake for breakfast, large salad with chicken for lunch, shake for dinner or left over

Upcoming workouts:
  • Today - run minimum 3 miles, more if it feels good, tuesdays video, tuesdays pushups
  • Wed - spin class before work, wed video and pushups after work
  • Thur - long run 6 miles, thur video, thur pushups and maybe some pool time if it feels good
  • Fri - friday video and pushups before work
  • Sat - rest or short run before work
  • Sun - sundays video before work
Thats my agenda... 

What does the rest of your week look like?

Do you menu plan... if so love to hear something your having!

Whats the weirdest things you have eaten with eggs? Chili is up there for me but shockingly good!

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