Monday, January 21, 2013

Tough mudder week 2

Besides my running and weight training (and hopefully swimming soon) - I am doing a weekly workout geared towards my upcoming Tough Mudder.  Today was this weeks workout - week 2 :)

I decided this time around it would all be at home. I got the idea from the biggest loser to use a deck of cards. I had to go and buy a deck. I shuffled them like crazy, then layed them face down on my kitchen table and mixed them up even more. Then Gavin and I took turns picking out 5 groups of 5 cards. 

For each suite...
hearts = push ups
diamonds = a round of steps (12 steps) up and down
clubs = squats
clovers = thrusters with 20 lbs

We should have went to play pocker - holy moly ... every high level and face card was a set of steps. OMG ... my poor butt! 

So I did 5 cards, ran 2 min on the treadmill, 5 cards, treadmill, repeat until done. I was a sweaty mess. It was awesome. I wish it would have had more upper body mixed in though since MOST of what I did was stairs :)

Todays workout included 5 sprints on the treadmill, 33 pushups, 63 sets of stairs (omg), 29 squats and 52 thrusters. Then a nice brisk COLD walk with the dog. 

Now I need ideas to plan next weeks workout ... 

Surprising Gavin and his best friend with a trip to Medieval times - fun fun. TTYL!

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