Saturday, February 16, 2013

tons to say Saturday

So many things to say today  - hmmmm where to start???

Ive had a really great day so far!

Started with waking up super early to get to my group workout by 7am. Started the morning with stepping on the scale. Only down 1 lb BUT that put me into the 160s!!!! woohoo! 169.4... I will take it!

Had a rocking workout with Laura. Im so thankful that we met up and have become friends. She is an awesome person and she totally pushes me to get out of my comfort zone! Todays workout started with a 2 mile run then circuits that included jump rope, pushups, weighted walking lunges, thrusters, high knees (hate them), box jumps, weight ball throw, hopping up stairs (hilarious) and a little bit more running. My arms were jello driving from the meeting spot. And between this workout and insanity last night - my calves feel like they are going to explode! OUCH!

After breakfast we went to Walmart since their website said they had the adjustable plyometric jumping box I wanted... they had 2-3 in stock. So excited! Laura and I both got one! And I got a massaging stick too... OMG that hurts, but in such a good way :)

After showering I laid on the couch for a quick minute... woke up 45 min later drooling. Nice. Hubby took the kids downstairs and let me nap.

And tonight is Caseys bull roast for Histiocytosis. An AMAZING kid raising money for something that he dealt with personally. Im looking forward to going... fingers crossed I win something, the auction and raffle prizes are AWESOME. Funny that Im bummed that they arent picking the winners til 10 pm since Im old and thats too late for me. ... damn Im old!

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