Friday, February 1, 2013

February is going to be a GREAT month!

First regardless I LOVE LOVE LOVE the month of February. Its my birthday month and I love my birthday. It is my own personal holiday. Love it.

Second, January was a good month. No I did not lose a single pound or a single inch on my measurements. BUT I DID stick to my workout program.
I DID get my training miles in.
I DID complete 3 tough mudder workouts!
I DID get up crazy early to get in early morning workouts before work.
I DID restart trying to learn to swim - even if I feel like a failure doing it. Im DOING IT!

So yes I didnt lose weight but I GAINED so much more! And Im proud of myself! And my reward for hitting my goal focusing on my workouts is a massage... time to get that scheduled!

And I know why I didnt lose weight - you cant out-run a bad diet.

The month of February I am dedicating my attention to my food....
Focusing on choosing better quality foods.
Focusing on clean eating.
Focusing on my hunger signals.
Focusing on drinking water.
Focusing on NOT BINGING.

I so got this!

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