Friday, February 15, 2013

kicking it up a notch

While I am working out consistantly - my workouts are missing the ummpphh that I want them to have. They are not very intense lately. Im not quite sure what I want to do to change that though. 

Ive officially decided to run the Columbia womens 1/2 marathon in April but Im having a very hard time getting into training. Its just so damn cold outside and treadmill longer distance running and me do not get along! 

I also want to really make sure that I focus on getting cardio in 6 days a week even if its just 20-30 minutes on those hard to get cardio days in days. Im debating adding some insanity videos to the fun. Im not a fan of the chalean cardio videos. I plan to stick to her weight workouts though. 

And starting next week I plan to add a trail run in weekly. They scare me. Guess being scared is a good thing.

Tomorrow is 
1. weigh in... I really really really want to see something that starts with a 1 and a 6! My scale has said 170.4 ALL week. And Ive made some good food choices and a few not so good food choices. So Im a bit nervous but I really hope that the scale is in my favor. 
2. tough mudder workout. Its supposed to be 28 degrees and possibly snowing. Great. Havent planned it yet though. 

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