Sunday, February 10, 2013


Normally when I dont post for a while its because Im off track. That I dont want to discuss my failures so I stay away.

I havent posted in a while but Im happy to say it isnt because of that because Ive been doing AWESOME.

But I have been BUSY and have had other priorities taking over. I keep getting a post stuck in my head but by the time I am able to sit and type it up Ive lost my mojo and the excitement I felt before so it doesnt get written.

A bit of updates -

1. Im down 3 lbs this week! And shocker I didnt do any fancy diet - no paleo, no freaking out about carbs... just made smarter choices and stayed between 1300-1600 calories depending on my workout that day. Goal to be in the 160s next weigh in and STAY OUT OF THE 170s!

2. Yesterday was my birthday and it was AWESOME. We kept it very low key. I ate way too much but hell, my birthday only comes once a year. My hubby surprised me with gorgeous diamond earrings to replace the ones I lost a few years ago. I was shocked. And Gavin made me a paper purse that was adorable. And bre took a long nap :)

3. I see the doc on Thursday about my leg pain. Ive decided until we figure it out I will keep doing my workouts but shy away with the weighted stuff on that leg... its no reason to slack off everything else.

4. Started rewatching other chicks tough mudder experiences and getting super excited!!!

I work the next three days so yesterday I sat down and planned out my workouts and meals.

Sunday- yoga, chalean video, 15 pushups x 3
Monday - 40 min treadmill workout, 7 pushups x 3
Tuesday - chalean video, 16 pushups x 3
Wednesday - 30 min treadmill workout, abs video, 7 pushups x 3
Thursday - Long run 80 min on treadmill or 7 miles outside, chalean video, 15 pushups x3
Friday - lap swimming, 7 pushups x 3
Saturday - TM group workout

Today I will make a veggie/lentil soup, indian chicken dish, slow cooker italian chicken dish, roasted speghetti squash and a large batch of cauliflower rice.  This will be my base for lunch and dinner for the next three days. Yummy!