Thursday, February 7, 2013

no time for injuries!

Not sure if anyone remembers but back in November I started to get this annoying pain in my left upper thigh. I assumed I had pulled something but the pain never went away and lately has been worse. Doesnt hurt to the touch but hurts like a bitch if I move my leg a certain way. I have been bugging my physical therapist at work about it and trying to figure out some stretches for my "pulled muscle" ... but now Im starting to think its not just a pulled muscle. Hello its been almost 4 months! So I finally made the decision to see a doc about it. Next thursday I will get it checked out. Im a bit freaked out it might be an inguinal hernia... I dont have time for an injury. Definately dont have time for a surgery! So hopefully its something simple and a bit of physical therapy will help.

In the mean time Im backing off on the leg exercises and dead lift type exercises until then - Im not allowing this to be an excuse to back off everything else though. There is NOTHING wrong with my upper body and it doesnt hurt to run. So moving forward!

I havent posted since last Sunday mainly since I worked mon, tues, wed and they were INSANELY busy. Trying to get my 1-2 workouts in plus 12 hours of work plus have a student at work plus be responsible for the morning care of both little ones = one tired working mom! Today its 1015 and Im still in my PJ's :) But I have gotten most of my workouts in and eaten pretty well!

This weeks weigh in will be on Saturday - its my bday :) Oh wouldnt it be awesome to see something that starts with a 1 and a 6 :)

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