Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sundays weigh in

My scale is confused -
1st step up on it = 171.6... super happy
2nd step up right after = 172.4 ummm ok
3rd step up right after = 173.4

I stopped at that point ... hell a few more step ups it might tell me I gained 10 freaking pounds.

So I claimed the higher number for this week and Im moving on.

We are three days into February. I am focusing on better eating choices this month and proud of my choices so far. Hopefully the scale will reflect that soon.


  1. Have you checked your scale with some hand weights? Every week I put two 5lb weights on it where my feet would go and make sure it says 10lbs. I found that the scale had different readings if it got shifted even a 1/2 inch over on our bathroom floor!

    I've also had my scale do what you just described. It does get confused for some reason with successive step on/off. What I do in that situation is walk away and come back 5 minutes later and take that reading as the true one :)

  2. what a great idea! I will do that next week!