Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tough mudder planning...

First and most important ... I conquered my fear of going over 6 miles. Rocked out 7 miles on the treadmill today and was a sweaty mess! I even rocked it having a head cold from hell.

Now for tough mudder. Im a bit bummed. Today they announced the location of TM Virginia Beach. Its 80 miles away from the beach! But way worse... they changed the weekend! While this isnt a big deal for me - for my running mate Laura it possibly is a deal breaker.

The vision I had of my tough mudder weekend is slipping away - I envisioned completing the TM then laying on the beach enjoying a beach beverage and relaxing the rest of the weekend. No stress. No kids. Ocean views. Had the making of an awesome girls weekend away.

TM allows us to move to another TM location/date or a refund if we cant do the new weekend. So we have started looking around. The Philadelphia TM and Boston TM are on our original weekend. The phili one is in a boring horrible location that would be NO fun. Boston has some promise... never been to Boston before. But definately loses the relaxing beach vibe for post TM.

What to do, what to do???


  1. Boston's is actually in New Hampshire.

  2. We're losing members from our TM team thanks to their poor planning. I'm seriously considering taking the refund and doing the Spartan Race instead. Good luck with your decision, and great job on your training and weight loss!

    1. Kerri - are you doing VA beach? or the race formally known as VA beach? We had 4 on our team and three are a go for the new date. We decided to suck it up and drive to VA beach after the race and enjoy a few days at the beach :)

  3. Oh I've been thinking about signing up for our location for Oct. I'm terrified!! Ha, hope it works out for you!