Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy easter and some progress pics/stats

Happy Easter everyone! We started off with such a great day - up at the butt crack of dawn but spent the time with my favorite people and my kids were just so awesome this morning!

My mom, brother and niece came over for breakfast and an easter egg hunt... here is Bre with Ava (my niece) and my mom with the kids...

but then the day took a turn - the weather turned to rain and my little man went from a happy excited dude to this...
He had a sore throat, fever, headache and said it hurt to use his arms... so a quick trip to patient first confirmed strep throat and he is taking it easy for the rest of the night and our date day for tomorrow has to be rescheduled :( Was looking forward to doing lunch out and a movie with the most amazing son in the world.  Horrible way to spend his spring break.

Tomorrow starts day one of Tinas Boot Camp Challenge! Today was the fit test - pushups, burpees, wall sits, plank, run. Anyone know how hard it is to do a plank for as long as you can with a toddler thinking its funny to try to climb on you? Funny but hard!

Retook my measurements - exactly the same as last month which I thought was odd since my clothes are fitting better. The scale is the same too :( But I took pics... and the pics dont lie... granted the before pics were in December I think but I am definately making some progress! My back rolls are much much better!!!

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