Friday, April 5, 2013

Todays 9 miler...

In 23 days I run my first half marathon in 2013. I am seriously am not ready. I did NOT put in the time with my long runs and have not done a single double digit run at all. Im getting a bit nervous.

Today I was supposed to do a 4 mile trail run with a new friend but they were calling for early morning rain and I have no desire to run in the mud and take a chance of being injured.

Since that crazy early run wasnt going to happen, I opted for a long run instead.

9 miles in a small town close to me.

Have I mentioned this town is small??? The 5k route goes completely around the town and I didnt feel like doing that route three times. The towns road is in a grid formation - so I ran up and down each street.

The bummer of that kind of run is I was very close to my car a lot - at mile 5 it was very difficult to tell myself to keep running and not head to my car and the local bakery instead.  Oh and let me tell you how bummed I was I forgot my wallet and couldnt get a bear claw after this massive calorie burn of a run!

The good side - through the entire run I kept passing places I have been meaning to go to with hubby for a date night. I have like 4 dates planned in my head right now! Including a dinner on the big paddle boat we had our wedding reception on :) And adorable bed and breakfast!

Now to relax. I get the joy of working 36 hours in the next three days... hate three days of not seeing my babies!


  1. Ha ha! You sound like me when I really don't want to run...looking at all the places I could go and things I could do instead! Way to go that you "kept on truckin'!"