Thursday, April 11, 2013

awesome double digit run!!!!

Had a great run today... hell I had a GREAT day today!

Im almost too exhausted to share it but here goes really quick!

This morning started off with a 10 mile run. I parked in the middle of a large gravel trail like run. I ran the 1.4 or so miles to the end of one direction, back to the middle, the 1.8 miles to the other direction, 3 miles through downtown bel air and then the 1.8 miles back to my car. Besides eating my gu at mile 5 and 8 and stopping to cross a few streets in Bel air... I ran the entire thing! Hills and all!!! The very end of the run leading back to my car is a ridiculously long hill. I dread this hill and I thought for sure I had planned it well enough that my 10 miles would be up right before the hill and I could walk the hill as part of my cool down. I get to the base of the hill and I still had 0.25 miles to go to hit my 10 mile marker. I briefly thought about quitting... 9.75 miles is close right. And then as if she was sent there, coming down the hill was a friend from work. I stopped for a quick second, told her I was trying to finish the 10 miles. So she volunteered to run up the hill with me and she cheered me on as we ran it. IT WAS AWESOME and I was soooooo grateful!

My entire run ALL I could think about was a doughnut from Bel air bakery. I burned 1250 calories per my heart rate monitor so I thought I deserved a doughnut. But then as I was coming close to the bakery, I decided an italian ice with family after dinner would be so much more worth wild so I saved my treat.

The afternoon was filled with yard work - hard core yard work. Wish I would have worn my heart rate monitor to see how hard core it was!

And the most awesome thing - and wish I had a picture - we finally took down our xmas lights from the front trees. And no we arent even the last house in the neighbor hood to do so! Dont worry we werent still lighting them! Anyways it took me and a friend plus a very large ladder to put them up. I took them down myself with a small step stool to help me jump up and CLIMB the trees! Shows my upper body work is paying off!

And then I ended the day just as awesome - a trip to Ritas! ANd while I tasted a small taste of everyone elses... I stuck to a sugar free small italian ice. And it was yummy!

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  1. Congrats on the run!!! And glad you enjoyed a special treat with the fam. Always a favorite thing to do for me too.