Friday, April 12, 2013

Things Im proud of...

Its so easy to get sucked into the negatives. THAT is NOT where I want to be. Period.

So I figured it was time to focus on the positives - what I am proud of RIGHT NOW.

1. I have rocked the challenges on Tina's best body bootcamp! Todays workout I took to the gym and spent some quality time with the bosu ball.

2. This week Im focusing on two things - no late night munching and getting enough sleep. Very proud of myself on the work on both of these. I have not had a bite to eat after 830ish. I have planned my evening snack and then told myself the kitchen is CLOSED. Ive enjoyed a nice cup of hot tea instead. And I have been in bed before 10 every single night this week. This is huge for me!

3. I've taken more time to sit on the floor and just play. They are only this age once.

4. I rocked my long run this week and that half marathon is feeling more and more a possibility.

5. I have focused on eating at home and making healthy meals with healthy left overs.

6. Im tracking my food way more consistently.

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