Sunday, April 14, 2013

5k by the bay recap

Seeing is believing.... omg what a difference! This was my very first race ever... 5k by the Bay 2009. My finishing time was 36:54

This was me this morning - again running the 5k by the Bay. Next to me is my awesome cousin by marriage that ran her first 5k this morning! She did amazing!!! My time this morning was ______ (to be added once they officially post them, Im being inpatient!.... somewhere in the 28:45-29:20 range)

Am I happy with my time? Yes and no. No I didnt hit my goals. I really really wanted a major PR today. But truth be told I haven't focused on speed lately. I have been focusing on upper body strength and my long slower runs. So NO I didn't put the work in for a major PR so Im not super sad it didnt happen. What I am bummed about is that for about 15 seconds I had to walk. Around mile 2 I got a HORRIBLE stitch that was taking my breath away and it won briefly. Prior to that stitch I was on board for the PR I wanted but it reminded me that I didn't put the work into it and the pace was too much for me to maintain. But It was a GORGEOUS day. I got to see a few people that I never see out of work or other situations and I had fun. And my awesomely amazing friend Laura came all the way down to go to breakfast with me afterwards, even after only having 3 hours of sleep the night before. Thats friendship!

While I was impatiently waiting for the race results to be posted I found a site that had quite a bit of my previous racing times on it... made me happy to see :) I was blown away by the difference between my first and second half! And I had a baby between those two!

2009 5k by the bay 36:54
2010 Baltimore half 2:50:45
2011 Virginia beach marathon 5:08:56
2012 5k by the bay 29:40
2012 armed forces 10k 1:01:54
2012 Zooma half 2:22:06
2012 Bird in hand half 2:32:04
2012 Komen 5k 30:14
2012 Reindeer run 5k 43:22 - paced a super awesome running friend!

Whats next? I have a half in two weeks. Not 100% ready for it and have no time goal in place.. just want to enjoy it! After that warrior dash and then tough mudder :)


  1. Look at you girl!!! Thats awesome!!!

  2. You are amazing. I used to be runner a long time ago, but now, becase of heart problems, I don't run at all. I envy you little, but you are awesome. Good luck!