Thursday, December 20, 2012

busy busy busy

Today has been a crazy busy day but I have gotten so so so much done! Here is a taste...

715am   up with the kids getting ready for school
830am   took G to school today to deliver all of our presents to the teachers and staff
9am      FIRST chaLean workout. Omg my arms were shaking when I was done. LOVED IT!
940am   enjoyed a chocolate shakeology shake for breakfast
945am-12pm CLEANED cleaned and cleaned some more. Have a super clean house right now. It will last maybe a day with my crew!
1230     Lunch - left over chicken breast, brown rice, and tons of veggies

Now Im catching up on here. Need to wrap a few more gifts and take a shower. Will pick up baby girl from daycare - yes I sent my daughter to daycare on a day I was off. How else would I get stuff done.

Tonight will be craft making with Gavin, dinner, maybe watch a family movie tonight and finish the book I started a few days ago.

No wonder Im tired :)


  1. Inquiring minds want to know more about this shake! I made it once and it was disgusting. How did you make it taste good?

    1. Laura - todays shake was a chocolate shakeology shake with just unsweetenned vanilla almond milk and ice in the blender. My favorite way to make any choc protein shake is by adding 1/2 a banana and a tbsp of powdered peanut butter to the shake plus my almond milk. Coconut milk is yummy in it too! I hadnt had a shakeology shake in a while - they definately taste different then the target brand chocolate I was using but I like it. And its WAY thicker - I had to add extra almond milk. I never ever make it with water - yuck!

  2. Christina,would you mind if I stole your Birthday challenge idea ,as mine is approaching pretty soon too ?

    1. Sheetal - hopefully you do better with yours then I have so far! I have a lot of room to make up!